Chris Tye


A composer with a big heart.

Chris puts every drop of heart and soul into his composition. Knowing when to understate and when to amplify a feeling, his approach to putting music on screen is always sympathetic to the moment and beautifully woven with the imagery. Whilst working with Chris I’ve found his courageous imagination and musical palette to be a great asset.

Paul Griffin - Director
Writer & Producer of Documentary Balancé

In all the ways that matter, Chris was the perfect producer. First, he took real time to understand my music and what I wanted to achieve with this particular project; then, he brought to bear all his own creativity and flair to add whole new dimensions to my songs. At no point did he impose his own vision - instead, he made sincere efforts to understand mine ... and then made it better using what I can only refer to as his extremely tasteful ears.
Above and beyond his skills as as a producer and musician, Chris's technical skills really impressed, too: not only does he know his equipment back to front; he understands frequencies and harmonics, plug-ins and limiters, in all the ways that can make a huge difference to an audio project. He routinely spotted things I did not, and chased down anything that didn't seem quite right with an often unerring instinct for sound.
Despite all this, Chris can work quickly if he needs to. He'll lavish time and energy on every project because he genuinely loves music and wants everything he works on to be right; but all those minutes and hours spent making music are too precious to him to waste, too. I can sincerely say that the songs we recorded together would not be what they are - what I wanted them to be, and also the best they can be - without Chris. Just record with him, already.

Dan Hartland - Singer Songwriter

Chris is a talented composer and musician. He’s also a sensitive writer and an intuitive collaborator. When I started making feature documentary Irene’s Ghost, I told him about the story and outlined the feel I was looking for from the music. I wanted something low key, something that had some of the childlike quality of the animation featured in the film, but that also had a subtle darker undertone. He was able to interpret those thoughts really beautifully, and has shaped the atmosphere of the film. Chris has also been very patient with us about the shifting timescales that can happen over the course of a film like this. He has a great knack of producing emotional and moving music, but is capable of being sparse and efficient where it’s needed. Despite the range of style and instrumentation, there's a great coherence musically across the whole piece, and his music really elevates the story.

Iain Cunningham
Director of Feature Documentary Irene's Ghost

I've been a huge fan of Chris' song writing and output for a few years and was excited to hear he was setting up a recording studio. We made an EP of a batch of my songs called 'CMYK' in 2017 and I am hugely pleased with the results.
Chris has great engineering skills, is able to work fast and efficiently but also has the benefit of being a writer and multi instrumentalist himself. I found his input invaluable in taking my demos and turning them in to a well balanced and professional sounding record. Being a singer and song writer himself he can engage with the feel of a tune and work sympathetically with the lyrical content and emotion behind it. I really enjoyed Chris' ideas and suggestions for sounds and dynamics within the song and was happy to have him play some guitar and keys parts and add a few backing vocals too. It made it all an enjoyable process and a successful project.
I found Chris to have a clear vision of the direction of a piece of music and a determination to find the right sound, get the right vocal take and make a piece of music the best it can be.

Wes Finch - Singer Songwriter


I've worked with Chris regularly on several projects, from Music Videos to Films. Its always a delight to be able to work with someone who has such a great understanding of the relationship between music and film, from fight scenes to intense visual drama. Chris has vast knowledge and capabilities to always meet above expectations on every project we've encountered together so far. It is always a true pleasure to work with such a talented composer, who can also work to intense deadlines. 

Hayley Dickinson - Director of Short Film Dénouement

Chris has always bought a wealth of passion and experience to the studio whenever we’ve worked together.  Determined, inventive and ambitious, his music and production consistently sounds magical and distinctive.  As a singer songwriter he’s a real favourite of mine - I’ve been a huge fan since the first day I saw him perform.

Ben Niblett - Poseidon Music